Similar To Bluetooth 4.2 HM-12 Bluetooth Module

- Jun 18, 2019-

If you are just looking for HM-12 bluetooth module ,and you prefer find a similar module ,or want a module totally instead of HM-12 bluetooth module .

First ,we just overview about HM-12:

HM-12S DUAL(EDR 4.0& BLE 4.0)

Can easy control via AT Command

And you are wondering about if we can provide exactly same blue moudle .

You are looking for regular supplier and can provide technical support ,not just sell module ,but you can  ask for  continue support.

Then i think we are the right bluetooth module company you are just looking for .

1.HM-12 module ,dual mode ,we recommend FSC-BT826E ,it is same size .

2.We can provide continue technical support ,and it support OTA ,if your bluetooth end product add feature in future ,then we can upgrade the module over-the air .

Feasycom Team