Some Updates For The Next Version Of FeasyBeacon

- Nov 22, 2018-

Thank you for your support to Feasycom Team , we will continue to listen to your suggestions.

Our next version of the app is coming online, we made the following changes in the new version.

1. Entry interface 

We back down the old image, and the replaced interface is a new released waterproof beacon. We use a brief introduction to describe the specs of the new beacon.


2. Power display interface

Compared with the past, we highlight the power display part, more intuitively display the product power, help users to understand the battery usage of the product in a timely manner, and take precautionary measures in advance.


3. Password input interface

We have added a password prompt text and the entire interface has become more solid. At the same time, all the words were replaced with a sans-free English font, weakened the standard color and was more in line with the international aesthetic.


Feasycom Team consistently remained committed to innovation philosophy and have steadily improved quality standards. Any of your precious opinion would be welcome!