Temperature And Humidity Sensor Beacon Ibeacon

- Aug 19, 2019-

Temperature and humidity sensor beacon ibeacon

Hello everyone ,

Today we are going to recommend a new product FSC-BP120 Temperature and humidity sensor beacon ibeacon to all of you .


FSC-BP120 Temperature & humidity sensor beacon is a new generation sensor technology based on iBeacon/eddystone/Altbeacon. This product can send collected data to phone or gateway via Beacon broadcasting.


High quality integrated digital temperature and humidity sensor module is used for FSC-BP120 which make sure the temperature deviation is±0.1℃, humidity deviation is 1.5%. The sampling rate for temperature and humidity readings is 100K Hz, with the collected data transmitted via Bluetooth low energy connectivity provided by TI CC2640 to iOS 7.0+ orAndroid 4.3+ smartphones. Provide temperature and humidity detection solution for food, crop planting, trucks and containers transportation,etc.


FSC-BP120 adopt TI CC2640R2F BLE 5.0 chipset ,the broadcast range up to 100m in the open area.FSC-BP120 use CR2032 battery,battery life up to 280 days, with a button for power/on off ,and led status light. The hole in the center of the product is designed to contact air and to measure the temperature and humidity of the air more accurately.


Support broadcast ibeacon, eddystone, Altbeacon ,and sensors data simultaneously.


For more details ,feel free to Contact Feasycom .