The Application Of Bluetooth In Intelligent Lighting

- Apr 30, 2019-

As IoT technology develops,more and more applications are using wireless communication,Bluetooth is one of the most popular solution,has being popular all over the world.

Compare with others,Bluetooth’s advantage is low consumption( Low energy ),Audio transmission,BLE Mesh and Mobile phone standard equip .

Feasycom is committed to the development of bluetooth wireless communication solutions,has provide more solutions for intelligent lighting application,for example:Data transmission light control,Audio+data transmission,BLE 5.0 Mesh network,etc.

For the BLE 5.0 Mesh network,Feasycom has two solution:
1.FSC-BT671(silicon labs EFR32BG13P732)
2.FSC-BT686(AIROHA AB1611)

FSC-BT671 is BLE 5.0 long range module,transmit power is +19dBm(Maximum),it’s also could used for the long range BLE data transmission and Long range BLE Beacon,very small size let FSC-BT671 used more flexible and versatile.

FSC-BT686 is a new BLE 5.0 module which provide the BLE 5.0 Mesh network,the high cost performance makes BT686 very popular,if customer need a small size one but the same solution with FSC-BT686,the FSC-BT681 is the best choice.

The BLE Mesh not only used for lighting,but also another industry will adopt the BLE Mesh network technology.

In addition to these BLE module,Feasycom also have many other Bluetooth module,for example:Bluetooth 4.2/5.0 dual mode module ,CSR8811/CSR8670/CSR8675 Audio+data / data transmission module, nRF52832 / TI CC2640 BLE 5.0 module , etc.
Covers a wide range of industry solutions,likes Bluetooth thermal printer,Automobile electronics,Barcode scanner,TWS / Audio broadcast , apt-X headset/speaker, Health & medical devices etc.
If you have project related Bluetooth,just send us your requirements,here a mature solution waiting for you.