The Car Rental Company Need A Beacon For Each Car For Tracking

- Nov 04, 2019-

Last week, feasycom team came to Los Angeles for MWCA exhibition.

After the exhibition, we rent a car for 2 days travelling in Los Angeles.

We book a car from online shop, then we take a taxi to the car rental company-National Emerald Club in Los Angeles. 


So we told him our booking no., and we have choosed a style of car online already.

But then the sales took us walk here and there, he can not find the right car related to our order.

Finally, we pointed a car and asked:'' Maybe we need this one, is it ok'', he said'' yes''.


We think the car rental company need a beacon, each beacon belongs to a car, and feasycom keychain beacon FSC-BP103 can put on the key of each car.

Then he will use app for location, then it can help them easy to find the right car.