The Continue Version Of Bluetooth Module’s FAQ

- Nov 15, 2018-

Feasycom updated the new FAQ of Bluetooth modules recently , We have published news about common problems of bluetooth module before. have you seen it ? for more FAQ , check out the following:

Why can't the mobile App connect to the BLE channel of the module ?

The mobile App may limit UUID , Uuids from different vendors can be different , Only when the UUID of the mobile App and module are the same can the connection be made . 

After modifying the device name, Why is the mobile search still the old name ?

The module after modification needs to be restarted , after restart it , It will display the new name .

What is the working current pre reserved for bluetooth modules?

There are slight differences in the instantaneous maximum working current of different modules , but both between 40mA and 70mA , therefore, the current pre reserved for bluetooth modules should be guaranteed at least 100~150mA , otherwise the Bluetooth module will become unstable.

How do I install an antenna on a module without an antenna ?

When testing, the easiest way is to solder a wire with a length of about 30mm at the antenna output of the Bluetooth module. This wire can be used as an antenna.

Does the audio Bluetooth module support 12S/PCM output?

Support, this function can be turned on by serial command . 

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