Turkey 550pcs FSC-BT836B High Speed Ble Module To Replace HM-10

- May 07, 2020-

Turkey 550PCS FSC-BT836B high speed dual mode modules are ready for shipping.

Thanks for customer's order

Customer Requirement:

We are trying to send files  from android and Ios mobile phones to our embeded system  with ble module. And   we have a problem. We tried hm10 ble 4.0 module with UART  and the maximum data transfer rate we can reach was 3 KBps. It is really slow for us. We are looking for a ble module that allows to fast speed  file transfer (1MB file max 30 45sec) do you have any product for our case? 

According to the requirement, we recommend FSC-BT836B bluetooth 5.0 dual mode module, with high data speed.

iPhone 6-Module, 35KB/S for FSC-BT836B.



For more details about high speed ble module FSC-BT836B, please contact sales:Sara.zhang@feasycom.com.