We Tested HFP Range Of BT909 Bluetooth Module :90M !How Long It Is !

- Jun 17, 2019-

We tested the HFP distance of BT909 module. Here is the report: 

 bluetooth module range test



Test Environment:


Sunny; No obstacles around; Straight road; Product is 1.5m above the ground.


Test preparation:


1. Prepare two BT909 modules, firmware version:  VER=FSC-BT909, V3.2.6, 20181105.

2. Solder the two BT909s to the daughter board and prepare two sets of FSC-TL001 development boards with Codec.

3. Install two BT909s on the FSC-TL001 development board and power them separately with two computers.

4. Send AT command to change the mode of two BT909 modules:

        Master mode command: AT+PROFILE=19

        Slave mode command: AT+PROFILE=1707


Connection steps: 


 1. Use the serial port tool to query the MAC address code of the slave module.

          Command: AT+ADDR

2. Master module connect to the slave module via the serial port tool.  

          XXXXXXXXXXXX represents the twelve-bit slave MAC address.

          AT command of connecting to the slave module: AT+HFPCONN=XXXXXXXXXXXX

3. After successful connection, master module send audio command to slave module via serial port tool.

          Command: AT+HFPAUDIO=1


Test steps:


 1. Plug the headphone or speaker into the SPK2 interface of the two development boards FSC-TL001.

2. Sound can be heard from headphone or speaker of the master  FSC-TL001 development board when speaking at MIC of  slave FSC-TL001 development board.

3. Sound can be heard from headphone or speaker of the slave  FSC-TL001 development board when speaking at MIC of  master FSC-TL001 development board.

4.  Fix one of the two devices, move another, keep talking, ensure the sound quality is clear, no noise, the farthest distance without transposition


Test result:

 The longest distance is 90m, if out of the range, the sound will be noise, trembling, intermittent and other issues.

BT module range test