What Is SoC In Bluetooth Module

- Sep 11, 2019-

SoC is the abbreviation of System on Chip.

Because "Chip" is involved, SoC also reflects the connection and difference between "integrated circuit" and "Chip". Related contents include integrated circuit design, system integration, Chip design, production, packaging, testing and so on.Similar to the definition of "chip", SoC is more of an integral whole. In the field of integrated circuits, SoC is defined as a system or product formed by the combination of multiple integrated circuits with specific functions on a chip, including a complete hardware system and embedded software.

SoC integrated circuit

SoC has similar characteristics: the integration of more supporting circuits on a single chip saves the area of the integrated circuit, thus saving the cost, which is equivalent to the improvement of the energy efficiency of the city;On-chip interconnects is equivalent to the fast road of the city, high speed, low consumption, the original distribution of the information transmission between circuit boards of each device, to focus on the same chip.

It can be seen that SoC has obvious advantages in performance, cost, power consumption, reliability, life cycle and application range, so it is an inevitable trend of the development of integrated circuit design.At present, SoC plays a dominant role in the field of performance and power sensitive terminal chips.And its applications are spreading to a wider range of fields.It is the future development direction of IC industry to realize complete electronic system with single chip.