What Is Throughput Mode And AT-Command Mode

- Jun 24, 2019-

1.Throughput Mode 

l Feasycom bluetoth module works in throughput mode by default.(such as FSC-BT826E) .

l Throughput mode (when TPMODE=1) means that there would be transparent transmission after Bluetooth connection established. After power on and initialization completed, FSC-BT826E automatically enters AT-command state, then the host MCU can send AT commands to the module. When the module gets connected with another Bluetooth device, it automatically enters throughput state, every byte received from the host MCU will be entirely delivering to remote Bluetooth device without any change, so does the reverse direction. In other words, the FSC-BT826E enters AT-command state when disconnected, enters throughput state when connected.

l AT-command mode (when TPMODE=0) means that FSC-BT826E works in AT-command state at any time after power on and initialization completed.

2.AT Commands Format

l Every AT command starts with ‘AT’ and ends with Carriage Return (CR, encoded to 0x0D in the ASCII character set) and Line Feed (LF, encoded to 0x0A in the ASCII character set).

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