What Is TX And RX In Wireless Communication ?

- Jun 24, 2019-

                                                 What is TX and RX in wireless communication ? 

1.     What’s a TX or a RX port?

 TX: the data-sending end, generally plays the role as the transmitter, normally the TXD pin must be connected to the RXD Pin of other devices.

RX: the data-receiving end, generally plays the role as the receiver, normally the RXD pin must be connected to the TXD Pin of other devices.


Loop Test (TX Connecting to RX):

In order to test whether the Bluetooth module has the normal data sending & receiving abilities, we would use hand devices (Smartphone for example) to connect with the Bluetooth module, and the Bluetooth module’ TX Pin connects to the development board’s RX Pin, and then send the testing data out via Smartphone Bluetooth assistance app, if the data received by the module is the same as the data sent via Bluetooth assistance app, that means the Bluetooth module is working in good condition.

      TX and RX