What Is UUID & URL For Bluetooth Beacon Product

- Aug 27, 2019-

1–About UUID.

UUID is the unique ID that you set up for the content(The content that you wish the beacon to broadcast). This is like a key to the contents that you wish to send with beacons. To set up this UUID, you will have to use an APP named Beacon Tools. This is an app developed by Google Inc.
For beginners, this type of broadcasting way is not suggested if you’re not familiar with it due to its complexity. In case you want to know more, CLICK HERE to find the document about it. (UUID is similar thing as UID)

2–About URL.

URL is a website link. This link could be the website that you want to advertise for. Usually should start with ‘https’(See the reference request below). We suggest you to go with this broadcasting way as it’s much simpler than the UUID way.
How To Use Bluetooth Beacons
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