Wifi Bluetooth Combo Module For Automotive Electronics

- May 17, 2019-

Wifi bluetooth combo module are widely used in more and more application such as :automotive electronics ,obd related application and so on .



Version:  BT+Wifi

Bluetooth:V4.2 dual mode SPP+GATT

                Slave mode

                Multiple point: 6 SPP+1 GATT


As you may see from above that the original BW226 only work as slave mode ,and we are glad to advice you that recently feasycom engineer already add master mode to this module
BW226 can work with following modes:
1.BLE Peripheral mode and SPP slave mode(up to 3 slots) simultaneously
2.BLE Central mode and SPP Master mode (up to 3 slots) simultaneously
Notes:BLE Peripheral/ Central Can  NOT exit at the same time
For more details about FSC-BW226 Wifi Bluetooth combo module ,do not hesitate to contact feasycom team .